The best of Acores

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Portugese word ‘Açores’ means ‘goshawks’.

Today I have something very beautiful to show.

Some may not consider foggy and wet weather as something spectacular… but after a rain, there’s a rainbow! Or thousands of them like on Sao Miguel Island. And if they’re connecting idyllic meadows with a bright sky, there’s nothing more I could ask for.

The archipelago of the Azores islands is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Islands are known for their eternal spring weather conditions, unspoiled nature, and blue hydrangeas. But there’s a lot more to explore. It was super hard to pick only a few highlights for our itinerary which lasted just 4 days. So we took our decision spontaneously depending on weather conditions. And it was a perfect strategy.

Let this trip be an example of what exceptional adventure means to me.

Picturesque views

Like goshawks, we were often able to scan surroundings from the high. The amount of viewpoints is impressive. At every corner, you can stop, and just stand amazed by untamed nature. 

Some pictures form my favorite Viewpoint of Ponta do Arnel you can see here – By the sea story.

One of the viewpoints is an abandoned hotel “Monte Palacio”. Not so hard to access, and the scenery is totally worth it. You can read about it here – click.

Thing’s you’ve never seen before

Like endemic ferns or food cooked on in the ground using geothermal heat, also pineaples that are not exactly pineaples.

‘My’ things

As a tea lover, I had to see how my favorite beverage production looks like. On the Azores, you can walk between tea plants, and observe the whole process in the tea factory (Cha Gorreana).

Time to contemplate things in silence…


…or with a shutter sound. :)


Like in nautical stories or in the foggy forest.

Fresh air & water

Even if you’re going through wet carpets of the “Monte Palace” hotel, you can feel the breeze of the ocean. And the water – lagoons, waterfalls, rivers, hot springs, and view of the ocean – you can find it all over the island.

Food & drinks

I’m not the one who pictures every meal before eating. So here are only two images I took in the local pastelaria. 

No rush & places inbetween


in this case my Erasmus friends :)

And what is most important for you while traveling?  :)

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