By the sea story

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What comes to your mind when you’re standing on the ocean shore – sun, beach, surfers, or rather mist and mystery?


Science clarified that the earth is round, and after the ocean, there’s a land. But some nautical stories make the coast a mystery place. Place where inexplicable things happen.

I can’t name any title of sea fairytale, but when I was a child, they overall made me believe that the ocean connects with space. I don’t know how the matter could be melted like that – one into another, but there are some special people, who could know and see more than average citizen – lighthouse keepers. I can imagine, they are involved in communication with other dimensions. Light as a wave can be translated in many ways…

Let’s stop here all those speculations, this supposed to be just simple relation from my holiday trip to Açores. :)

Anyway, when we arrived at Farol do Arnel, I felt like this is the command center of all the mystery operations. Home-like looking buildings, but no living soul out there… and this suspicious mist. Very pleasant condition for imagination.

  1. Karolina

    Jaki wyjątkowy klimat uchwycony na tych zdjęciach…
    Jestem zachwycona.
    Azory kojarzą mi się bardzo dobrze. Wspomnienia podróży poślubnej. Bardzo radosnej, i takiej.. wolnej. Smakowanie czasu na azorskich wyspach.
    Twoje zdjęcia muskają, przywołują łagodnie te wspomnienia..dziękuję :)

    I u mnie na blogu są Azory: , ale w innej, mam wrażenie wręcz prostackiej koncepcji ;) w porównaniu do tego co tutaj widzę u Ciebie… :)

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