Azorean greenhouse and pineapple cat

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Weather on São Miguel island is unpredictable. Especially in January, when in every few minutes you can expect rain, sun, fog, rainbow and again sun and fog. But some days, rain and the cloudy sky seems to be winning with the delightful sun. Then you have to choose: to get wet waiting on miradouro (viewpoint) for some gap in clouds, or try not to get wet, wandering between pineapple greenhouses.

Of course, we decided to see some pineapples and… the cat. Yeah, one week earlier this kitten made the picture taken by our friend, bombarded with likes on Instagram. Friend’s account is private, so I attach drawing for some impression. 

Beautiful, right? :)

We were less lucky. His Majesty The Cat decided to stay in the nearby cafe and just enjoy the view of greenhouses. So did we.

Pineapple plantation in the Azores for sure is worth visiting, it will give you some new impressions. Otherwise, who would know how much effort is required to get one sweet fruit? Each greenhouse has a description which indicates in what stage of grow pineapples are. Did you know that you need to wait almost 2 years to have mature fruit?

Another thing which surprised me is the smell. I expected to feel the pineapple aroma, but it was rather well known to me, specific humid smell of greenhouse.

Like for most of the attractions in the Azores, entrance to Arruda pineapple plantation is free. Additionally, in the store located there, you can taste and buy pineapple liquor and other products.

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