Stories. Visually.

Nice to see you here.

I'm Kinga, photographer. Here you can see my work, and meet my approach to photography. I believe it's a magical mixture of compounds, that you can find illustrated below. Enjoy!


 Wherever I go, I keep my eyes open. It’s not necessary to go on an expedition to a different country. Sometimes rediscovering places near me is just enough to see something new. 


In the whole spectrum of stories, there’s something special about the ones with love. And It’s not a coincidence that it’s a topic of most of the songs and movies. In photography, I’m looking for this ingredient too. Love is passion, love is feeling we all seek for, love is a story to tell.


“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen.


Every story is different. To create this unique feeling I always have to use a bit of out of the box thinking. When there are two people, creativity is doubled. That’s why we love to cooperate with Maciek as Dwa + Kot. 


Picture as a part of something bigger? Why not!
Video is a field I’m still exploring, but you can see what I’ve already done.


Before After

Camera percieves world in a different way than we do. The last stage of photo creation – retouch – is to make our impression closer to what we see or to add specific feel.

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